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Ceiling air conditioning in ClimaMarket

With more than 10 years in the air conditioning sector we can advise you and help you choose your air conditioning equipment. For this reason we can say that the ceiling air conditioning equipment is a great choice, be it for your home, business or workplace.

Ceiling air conditioning has the same characteristics as a cassette or duct system. They have a wide range of powers to choose from, a very contained electrical consumption and are very energy efficient.

They all have a heat pump. In addition, their installation is much simpler than in other types of apparatus.

It adapts perfectly to any room and barely takes up any space. They have very high power and are suitable for fitting out large rooms.

There is a wide range of capacities to choose from, high range of energy efficiency. They are equipments that have inverter technology, so the consumption is very reduced, they are very silent and they have heat pump, which means that the rooms are air-conditioned both in summer and in winter.

Best brands of air conditioning Roof

We have the leading brands on the market: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Haier, Giatsu.

Top brands in the air conditioning industry. All of them with the best after-sales services and guarantee.

If you need help or advice in the choice of your ceiling air conditioning, contact us, we will help and advise you without any commitment, so that you can find the air conditioning equipment that best suits your needs...

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