Can I order accessories?

Yes. Those accessories that appear in the manufacturer's current price list can be ordered through a formal estimate. Write to us at [email protected] for more information.

When will I receive my invoice?

The sales invoice is issued a few days after the order has left for the delivery address. In accordance with Spanish legislation, we must include the DNI/NIE, passport or NIF number of our clients on the invoice before sending it. If you did not indicate all the necessary information at the time of purchase, you can send it to us through the following link:

Does the equipment come pre-charged with gas?

Yes, all outdoor units are loaded from the factory.

Do the prices include installation?

ClimaMarket is a distribution company, we do not offer installation services. The prices published on the web correspond to the set itself.

The equipment I want has an availability notice. What I do?

You can add the product to the cart normally. If one or more of the products in your cart has an availability notice of more than fifteen days, on the order page you can make an initial payment of 20% as a reservation. The remaining amount will only have to be paid once we have the order in warehouse.

Part of my order is not available. Can you send me what you have in stock first?

When an order includes more than one set, transportation costs are calculated for a single shipment.

How long is the guarantee?

The warranty period provided by ClimaMarket is three years from the date of delivery according to Spanish legislation. To find out more about the after-sales service conditions, you can visit the following link:

Are accessories such as copper pipes and brackets for the outdoor unit included?

Air conditioning manufacturers never include installation materials such as pipes or cables in their kits. You can locate them at your nearest DIY store or through your installer.

Are the availability periods indicated on the website guaranteed?

The information we have on the product pages for unavailable equipment corresponds to the latest update we have from the manufacturer on their expected availability times, but is subject to change.

Can I finance my purchase through you?

Web purchases can be financed in three months without interest through the PayLater option offered by PayPal. It can be selected on the order page. To finance your purchases with alternative payment methods, contact your bank.

What power do I need?

At ClimaMarket we offer you commercial advice on the models and brands that best suit your needs. Keep in mind that the necessary power can vary considerably depending on the extension, insulation, quality of the materials in the house and its orientation. For this reason, from ClimaMarket we strongly recommend carrying out a study of the thermal loads of the space to be air-conditioned. Currently we do not offer this service, you can order it from your trusted installation technician.

How long will it take to receive my order?

As long as the equipment is available in stock, the delivery time will be from one to three days in mainland Spain, and seven to ten days in the Balearic Islands. Keep in mind that this period does not include weekends, holidays and specific delays due to peaks in the transport service.

I am a professional in the sector. What advantages do I have?

As a professional in the sector you have access to additional sections on the web and greater discounts on most of the equipment on the web. Get in touch with our sales support colleagues ([email protected]) for more information.

Any questions?

Any questions?

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