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Whatever your needs or activity, whatever your preferences or requirements, Toshiba's air conditioning and heating systems will be there to provide the answer. Toshiba's maxim in the development of its technologies and products is that they contribute to a safer, more comfortable and more productive life.

Toshiba combines the innovative spirit of its passion and conviction to shape the future and help protect the global environment. At ClimaMarket we offer all kinds of Toshiba products because of their high quality.

Toshiba wall split air conditioners

Very low energy consumption and unrivalled levels of comfort. An equipment of this category, has as standard an advanced saving system and operating modes that make the use of the same simple and efficient to air condition the place. WiFi control via app is also integrated as standard.

Toshiba Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating and cooling

Optional domestic hot water (DHW), heating and air conditioning with low electricity consumption and environmental impact. Toshiba's aerothermal systems provide you with safe and sustainable heating, without fumes or combustion. These systems have a useful life of approximately 20 years, which added to the savings they represent compared to other heating or cooling systems make the purchase of this type of equipment an excellent investment.

Toshiba ducted air conditioning

Maximum adaptability and easy installation, two key features of Toshiba ducted air conditioners that make them the ideal choice for almost any office or business. Also, these units allow the reuse of pipes from an old installation and the lifespan is approximately 20 years, one of Toshiba's best.

Toshiba air conditioning cassettes

A cassette is designed to be the ideal solution for small business applications, providing uniform air distribution and total comfort. In addition, the self-cleaning function that comes as standard with all Toshiba units guarantees air conditioning free of pollutants and odours.

Toshiba multi-split air conditioners

Toshiba's multi split units offer the technology of the future, incorporating R32 refrigerant and setting new standards in aesthetics, quality and ease of use, to offer products with the best value for money and affordable comfort. These machines ensure quality and savings, through the ECO button and Toshiba's unique DC Hybrid Inverter you will enjoy the latest technology in energy efficiency.

Toshiba Floor/Ceiling Air Conditioners

The simple and elegant design of these consoles helps to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, conditioning the air in the room quickly to the desired temperature. These air conditioners are undoubtedly the best possible solution when space is limited, not least because of their elegant design.

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