Innovation for a better life

LG's slogan, mission and philosophy, "Innovation for a better life". This company is known for its commitment to the environment and its goal of achieving sustainable innovation. That is why its entire range of heating and air-conditioning products are highlighted in this theme, respect and commitment.

LG is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by up to 55,000 tonnes in a year, reducing electricity consumption by up to 3.3 billion kW/year and saving up to 29.7 million litres of water by using efficient and innovative products and technology.

All LG equipment is energy efficient and affordable for the vast majority of consumers.

LG Wall Split

This category at LG stands out for several key factors, including the fact that each unit can be controlled by voice via Google Assistant or via WIFI with the SmartThinQ app from any smartphone. On the other hand, these units offer great energy savings.

Thanks to its Inverter Compressor, which performs automatic power adjustments, and the use of R32 refrigerant gas, it manages to reduce energy consumption by up to 70% on average. Undoubtedly, LG offers equipment with excellent performance at a more than affordable price.

LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating and cooling

Heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) all in one. Aerothermal heating and cooling is the future of air conditioning and LG is one of the brands at the forefront of this technology.

LG offers all-in-one aerothermal equipment with high energy efficiency and performance. In addition, it offers the possibility of bibloc or LG monobloc equipment, leaving the user the choice of the type of aerothermal system that best suits their needs.

LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating only

Extremely efficient aerothermal units designed to replace boilers. Aerothermal energy is becoming more and more popular, and this is completely logical as it is an excellent investment.

With these LG aerothermal units it is possible to enjoy domestic hot water and heating with significant savings compared to traditional boilers.

LG Wall Multi Split

If you are looking to air-condition several rooms in your home at an attractive price, there is nothing simpler than choosing a wall-mounted multi split.

Choosing a set of LG cassettes or wall splits will allow you to air condition any room with great energy savings and enjoy the latest technology, from integrated WIFI to intelligent and automatic operating modes.

LG air conditioning ducts

Adaptability, performance and affordability define an LG duct. This air conditioning system is undoubtedly the most suitable for use in all situations and at all times.

This series of products is intended for those projects where reliability and the most competitive price go hand in hand.

LG air conditioning cassettes

Just like ducts, choosing a cassette or multisplit cassette air conditioner is a very good option for air conditioning commercial premises or offices due to its power and minimum energy consumption.

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