Leader in heating and cooling

With over 50 years of experience, and with distribution in more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector.

Panasonic is in its current position because of its commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and to providing all its customers with high quality products. Being at the forefront of innovation, the Japanese brand Panasonic has always stood out from the rest, especially on its continent.

Wall split air conditioners Panasonic

Panasonic wall split air conditioners, what defines them? Ultra compact designs, simple installation and easy maintenance. Three key points to achieve interesting savings and an aesthetically attractive integration in the room. Do not hesitate to buy this category or multi split (they offer the same type of machines) as they are the most widespread and therefore the ones that offer more possibilities and options.

Panasonic Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating only

With any Panasonic fan heater you will achieve significant savings compared to any other boiler or heating system. In this category, Panasonic only has bibloc machines, but this is not a problem as their machines are easy to install and compact in size, especially the indoor ones.

Panasonic Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating and cooling

Air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water (DHW) in one (monobloc) or two machines (bibloc). With aerothermal heating and cooling you will enjoy optimum comfort all year round, whatever the outside temperature. Panasonic fan heaters ensure excellent comfort and reliability.

Panasonic Multi Split wall-mounted air conditioner

Several indoor machines but only one outdoor machine, to air-condition more than one room for better use of space. Panasonic multi split air conditioners have a compact and elegant design, allowing their installation in any decoration and place. With the Inverter System integrated as standard, these units have an energy label of up to A+++ in cooling.

Panasonic ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioners usually have an ultra-compact design and can be placed anywhere. Panasonic ducted air conditioners take care of the indoor air quality in the room where they are installed. In addition, they also stand out for their high seasonal performance with a slim silhouette, improving the visual appearance of the room.

Panasonic air conditioning cassettes

Technology in focus for maximum comfort in any space. For commercial use, Panasonic cassette air conditioners meet every requirement that can be placed on air conditioning equipment. With the turbo fan, the use of air quality improvement technology and a series of sensors, a Panasonic cassette improves overall comfort and achieves a high level of energy savings.

Panasonic Floor/Ceiling Air Conditioners

The key to this type of air conditioning equipment is simple, attractive and very compact design, which allows these floor/ceiling consoles to be placed anywhere. Like other air conditioning systems, these machines have attractive features and high reliability. Depending on the needs of the installation, a floor/ceiling system may be the smart choice.

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