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Changes for the better A global company that meets people's needs.

This corporate motto is a true statement of principles. "Changes for the Better" means designing and manufacturing products that are original, technologically advanced, efficient, innovative and, above all, generate the minimum impact on the environment.

But "Change for the Better" is also a commitment to the customer, to society and to the planet to adapt our products to people's needs responsibly, efficiently and safely.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has been a world leader in the manufacture and sale of electrical and electronic equipment for nearly 100 years, especially in air conditioning and heating systems such as fan heaters, wall splits, multi splits, cassettes, ducts and much more.

In the field of air conditioning systems, both industrial and residential, Mitsubishi Electric is proud to offer the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced equipment on the market, offering maximum comfort to its users. Discover the most convenient air conditioning or heating system for you through Mitsubishi Electric and ClimaMarket.

Mitsubishi Electric wall split air conditioner

The wall split air conditioner is the most widespread equipment on the market, whether for the home, office or commercial premises.

Wall split air conditioners can be adapted to any room and the power offer is so wide that there is practically no place that cannot be air conditioned.

Mitsubishi Electric splits often have the highest classification A+++ in cooling mode and a compact design that allows its installation in any room of the house.

Mitsubishi Electric Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating and cooling

Mitsubishi Electric's aerothermal systems are the best combination of reliability, consumption, simplicity and cost.

These equipments allow the production of heating, domestic hot water and cooling thanks to the aerothermal heat pump technology.

The energy needed to heat your home comes from two sources: 25% from the electricity supply, and the other 75% from the outside air free of charge, which allows a rapid amortization of the equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating only

Generally, these units have been designed to work in the most extreme conditions, being able to offer heating with temperatures as low as -28°C.

There are also more economical models for less extreme temperatures. As in heating and cooling, there are Mitsubishi Electric monobloc and bibloc aerothermal models to offer a wide range of installation options, powers and functionalities.

Mitsubishi Electric ducts

Efficiency, high performance and adaptability to any workplace make ducted air conditioning the most suitable option to be used in all kinds of situations or moments.

Opting for the installation of ducted air conditioning is the best choice if we are looking for a practical, almost invisible and much more economical air conditioning.

Mitsubishi Electric cassettes

In this category, Mitsubishi Electric machines stand out for their quality and wide range of functionalities, guaranteeing optimum comfort with reduced consumption. Thus becoming an excellent option in the semi-industrial range for premises or offices.

Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted multi split

Mitsubishi Electric is a reference in the air conditioning sector, as they have equipment with an excellent quality/price ratio.

If we combine both factors, brand and multi split category, we are faced with a great choice to provide a solution to almost any domestic air conditioning need.

Mitsubishi Electric Floor/ceiling air conditioners

Attractive design and very compact, so it is possible to place the floor/ceiling consoles anywhere. Like other air conditioning systems, these machines have attractive features and high reliability.

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