Take care of the air you breathe

When we talk about Daikin, we talk about quality, commitment and well-being. This technological giant at the forefront of the sector has unique products and technologies. Due to its main mission, which is to take care of our health, its products come with technologies and filters that improve the quality of the air we breathe.

According to the WHO, people in cities spend between 80% and 90% of their time indoors, where the air is polluted to a greater or lesser degree, which can cause serious health problems.

Daikin and ClimaMarket offer you products of superior quality and reliability at excellent value for money.

Daikin wall split air conditioners

This category in Daikin stands out for several key factors, always thinking of the user, a series of split machines have been designed with high energy efficiency and different operating modes, unique in Daikin, to ensure maximum comfort.

On the other hand, these units offer great reliability and the promise of improving our health, incorporating a series of filters that purify the air.

Undoubtedly, Daikin offers equipment with superior performance.

Daikin Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating and cooling

Monobloc or bibloc it doesn't matter, with Daikin aerothermics you get all the savings without sacrificing design or excellent heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW). Daikin offers the possibility of connecting aerothermics to solar panels, making the electrical cost of the unit practically zero.
With aerothermal heating and cooling you will enjoy optimum comfort all year round and, when you buy Daikin, above-average reliability.

Daikin Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems for heating only

Heating and domestic hot water at the best price. The investment of buying a heating-only aerothermal heating versus a boiler is more relevant, but undoubtedly a wise choice, as the aerothermal pump equipment will pay for itself faster than a traditional boiler.

Daikin cassettes

The integrated cassette unit offers the latest technology with energy saving features that improve user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the panel to fit seamlessly into any standard modular roof.
It is also worth mentioning that the presence sensor redirects the airflow to avoid draughts in occupied areas. The infrared floor sensor ensures correct temperature distribution between the ceiling and the floor.

Daikin ducts

Outstanding for their seasonal efficiency, making intelligent use of energy. In addition, this type of units usually have an ultra-compact design and can be placed anywhere.
Daikin ducted air conditioners have an air filter to ensure a continuous supply of clean air, the units have a specially designed filter to remove dust particles contained in the air.

Daikin wall mounted multi split

Maximum reliability, energy efficiency and performance with a Daikin unit. If you can afford to buy a high quality, technologically advanced air conditioning system, you may have found the perfect solution for your air conditioning needs throughout your home with Daikin.
A Daikin machine offers quiet operation and superior comfort thanks to its different operating modes and technology.

Daikin floor/ceiling air conditioners

These small air conditioning consoles are ideal for placement anywhere, thanks to their attractive design and excellent cooling or heating capacity. Depending on your needs, a floor/ceiling unit is a much better choice than more conventional systems.

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