Discover the most efficient system and enjoy heating, hot water and air conditioning for your home.

  • Saves right out of the box: significant savings in energy costs
  • Energy efficient: uses outside air, making them highly efficient compared to traditional systems
  • Compatible with photovoltaic energy: in search of energy independence

The best brands of Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems

Top products

LG Therma V HM071MR.U44 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems

Cooling capacity (35°C, 7°C DHW): 6.020 Kcal/h (7.00 kW)

Heating capacity (7°C, 35°C DHW): 6.020 Kcal/h (7.00kW)

Energy Classification: A+++

Refrigerant: R-32

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Panasonic Aquarea WH-MDC07J3E5 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems Monobloc

Cooling capacity (35°C, 7°C DHW): 6.020 Kcal/h (7.00 kW)

Heating capacity (7°C, 35°C DHW): 6.020 Kcal/h (7.00 kW)

Energy Classification: A+++

Refrigerant: R-32

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Air-to-water heat pumps: Products and prices

At ClimaMarket we have been distributing A2W systems for many years and we are experts in this type of product. If what you need is a complete air conditioning solution for your home, business or even a residential building, the heat pump system is the option that will best suit your needs.

What is an air-to-water heat pump?

Heat pumps are the most advanced air conditioning system on the market. In addition to the low cost of its high energy efficiency, it is a complete solution as it provides heat and cold, as well as sanitary hot water (DHW).

Although the installation of the heat pump can be a little more expensive, it more than compensates for this, both because of its high energy efficiency and the infinite possibilities it provides.

How do air source heat pumps work?

Heat pumps subtract the cold or heat from the ambient, transforming it into what we need at that moment. In addition to cold, heat and sanitary water, depending on our needs, we can implement air-to-water systems according to our needs. It can also be used for underfloor heating or radiators, even fancoils if we prefer that option.

The best brands of air source heat pumps in ClimaMarket

If you finally decide on a heat pump system, at ClimaMarket we have the top brands at unbeatable prices. We currently have the latest models of air-to-water energy from major manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, LG and Daikin.

Brands in which we put all our trust, since we know from our years of experience in the sector about the high quality of their products and their excellent after-sales service.

Whatever you choose, we know you will not go wrong. It is time to bring your home more comfort than ever before.

Personalised attention in ClimaMarket

We are aware that choosing an air source heat pump unit for your home can be a bit difficult, due to the great array of product and the multitude of solutions that these systems provide. But do not worry, we are here to advise you throughout the process of selection and online purchase of your air-to-water equipment.

Do not miss this opportunity and switch to a heat pump system with ClimaMarket.

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